Here you should find answers to most of the questions regarding how to use AirForces Intelligence. If you have any further queries, please contact us at

Logging On

Enter your username and password on the log in screen to access AirForces Intelligence. You will then be logged on to the system until you either close your browser, or log on from another machine.

If the machine you use is restricted to you, then you can select a checkbox on the log on screen to automatically log you on. This will stop the log on screen every time you connect to the system.

If you can not remember your details, there is a link on the log on page to run you through a procedure to have your credentials emailed to you.

Browser & System Requirements

AirForces Intelligence is tested to function correctly under a variety of browsers and versions, and is tested on all major browsers.

The site is designed to run on a variety of resolutions, from mobile phone to large desktop. However, due to the amount of data on some pages, some results may be difficult to read on smaller displays.

JavaScript and cookies need to be enabled for the site to function correctly.

Using the System

Data is stored in such a way that enables you to view the system from many different perspectives. It is split up between...

  • Locations, where all country and base data is stored
  • Inventory, where all manufacturer and product data resides, and
  • Air Forces, where all air force data exists, and draws upon information from the above

This means that you can look at a specific Country, and see all the Air Forces and Bases within. Furthermore, you can see all the entire Inventory located in that country.

You could look at a particular aircraft and see all of the Air Forces that own it, and all of the Countries that it is located within.

It is also possible to pull all information regarding a specific Air Force, from reading their summary, to studying their Order of Battle structure, Listing their Inventory and browsing their Bases.

All links for this are situated down the left hand side of every page once you are logged in.

Links to control your access to the system are along the top of each page.


A lot of links in the system bring up popup summary boxes. For example, clicking on a country name will bring up a summary of that country. Within this box is a further link to visit that country's page.

JavaScript must be enabled for popups to function correctly, and they form a large majority of the site's structure.