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Start by viewing a list of Air Forces, grouped in several ways.


Visit here for profiles of who operates which aircraft and where they are in the world.


Start here for a breakdown of Air Forces and their aircraft by region


The information on this site is structured such that you can view information in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

For example, you can view all information about a specific country - its Bases, Air Forces, Inventory. You can find out about a particular Aircraft - where it's stationed, what variants it has. Or, you can view an Air Force, and research its Order of Battle, Inventory and Bases.

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AirForces Intelligence is currently tracking data on...

  • 206 Countries
  • 3304 Bases
  • 291 Manufacturers
  • 5348 Items
  • 447 Air Forces
  • 8762 Order of Battle assignments